Body Magic Quiz

Try the SW quick quiz for ideas on what could work for you…

Q1. You have a free night all to yourself — no family or partner around. Do you:

a. enjoy a long hot bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, then curl up with a good book

b. call some friends and suggest a get-together

c. decide to get ahead with some housework

d. buy popcorn and a comedy video

Q2. During your lunch hour at work you’re most likely to be found:

a. sitting in a nearby park in the summer or reading the paper at your desk in the winter

b. eating with a group of colleagues or on the phone to a friend

c. paying bills or buying stamps, card and a present for a friend’s birthday

d. laughing at a cartoon in the paper and showing it round

Q3. Your ideal holiday would be:

a. a beautiful but remote island somewhere with just your partner

b. a week in a hired cottage with a group of friends and plenty of wine

c. an activity holiday learning something you’ve always wanted to do

d. taking the family to a holiday park: plenty of fun for all of you

Q4. If you could pick your ideal job, the closest one would be:

a. a landscape gardener – looking after your own workload and setting your own deadlines

b. PR exec – brainstorming with your colleagues and lunching with your clients

c. a Slimming World Consultant – flexible hours that fit into your busy lifestyle

d. a holiday rep – you’d love joining in with all the fun and games

Q5. If you could swap places with a celebrity for the day, who would it be?:

a. Catherine Zeta Jones – escaping the limelight in your beautiful Majorcan home

b. Victoria Beckham – lunching with celeb pals and mingling with the press

c. Madonna – effortlessly managing motherhood and a demanding career

d. Paris Hilton – enjoying a permanent party lifestyle!

Discover your activity motivator…

If you answered…

Mostly As

You enjoy your own company and need time to reflect on things and clear your
mind. Swimming is great for this as is brisk walking. Combine with yoga or a stretch class for flexibility.

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  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Taichi

Mostly Bs

You’re a sociable person and like being around others. A team sport, running
club or beginners’ circuit class would all give you a chance to meet new people. A guided walk is an easier option, which also gives you a chance to chat.

Find out more about activities to suit you:

  • Racketball
  • Netball
  • Aerobics

Mostly Cs

Time is precious and the last place you want to spend it is at the gym. Instead
incorporate more activity info your life generally by walking briskly to the shops,
taking stairs instead of lifts and doing housework as energetically as possible! But
consider giving the odd class a go too — you might surprise yourself!

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  • Everyday activity
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Mostly Ds

You have a playful nature and like a laugh. Do something that makes you feel like a kid again — ice skating, enrolling on a dance class or taking a trampolining course. If you lack the confidence, try an exercise video with a dance routine at home or just put on your favourite music and boogie.

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  • Salsacise
  • Winter Sport
  • Activity fun