Egg McMuffin made skinny!

Skinny egg mcmuffin
Serves: 1
Syn free version of a Maccy D’s breakfast!
  • 2 eggs
  • Passata
  • 1 warburton thin toasted (healthy b) or small bread roll
  • 1 slice ham or turkey ham
  • Slice of low fat cheese (if using as healthy a)
  1. Mix 2 eggs into a small bowl or dish to create a round shape. (That’s what the recipe suggested but I didn’t mix them, I just popped the yolks to stop them exploding)
  2. Cover with a microwave-safe plate and place in microwave for 2-2½ minutes until cook through.
  3. Toast the bread roll or warburton thin and spread the inside of both pieces with passata
  4. Carefully remove the cooked eggs by running a spoon around the edge of the eggs to lift out of the dish.
  5. Place on top of the bottom half of the roll on top of passata
  6. Top with ham and then cheese
  7. Place the remaining piece of bread roll.
  8. Heat in microwave about 30-40 seconds until cheese is melted.
  9. Serve at once.
  10. Makes one sandwich


7 Responses to Egg McMuffin made skinny!

  1. Margaret says:

    I will look out for them, I have been in Asda, Tesco & Morrisons but all dressing were not fat free, will look closer next time, thanks x

  2. Margaret says:

    Hi again, I am dying to try this! but cannot see Warburtons thin in HE b list just wanted to make sure this was correct in case te list has changed, am new to this so excuse my ignorance x

    • admin says:

      Hi Margaret,
      You’re quite right, warburton thins are NOT on the HEB list and officially are therefore not classed as a healthy b. However (and this is where I open myself up to critism lol, but here I go ;-) …… one warburton thin is 5 syns and 2 slices of bread from a 400gm warburton wholemeal loaf which is 6 syns, does count as a HEB . So, occasionally and not always, I treat myself and use this as my HEB and dont count the 5 syns. This works for me but is an individuals choice as to whether to count or not. Hope this answers your question, but guess not everyone would agree with me ;o)

      • Margaret says:

        Ahhh…I couldn’t even see it in the book?? I would agree with you then, I have been doing a couple of variations myself as I am finding it extremely difficult to get fat free salad dressing, cottage cheese etc, can get low fat ones! The dressing I had was 1 syn for 25ml so I only used 12ml and counted 0.5 syns so am willing to mix n match lol. Thanks for your answer!

        • admin says:

          Do you live near an ASDA or Tesco Margaret as Tesco sell Longley Farm virtually fat free cottage cheese and both the natural and the chive varieties are both syn free. Also ASDAs own Good for you Range , black pepper, chive, natural, cucumber and also the coronation flavours are all syn free. When it coes to salad dressing I’m hooked on fat free balsamic vinegar ones which are delish ;o)

  3. jenny says:

    love this site trying your egg mcmuffin this morning cant wait mmmmmm

    • admin says:

      Thanks for you email Jenny and I hope you’re not disappointed with the skinny egg mcmuffin. I loved it and have had it a few times now but everytime I do it slightly different! It’s all down to taste and adding things you like (and can have – which for me need to be syn free). Let me know what you think of it x

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